Monday, November 1, 2010


I just posted my very first item!!! YAY FOR ME!!

I took pictures inside because by the time I got the camera I wanted and was ready to do it, it was dark outside. The pictures turned out all orange and weird, so I downloaded the free software, Picasa from Google. It's very simple. Works great. And I think my pictures turned out really well.

I have many more to add, but it's hard to convince my husband to take a picture of me using it. AND as most cameras go, I ran out of battery in like an that's always fun.

I decided as I was adding my first post that I would offer free shipping. I've heard over and over that if you're shop isn't doing well to try adding that. I love free shipping too! So I thought, "What the heck!" Especially with Christmas coming up, who wouldn't want free shipping!

Now I need to get busy posting my other items and waiting for the bite. You will hear from me soon when I sell my first etsy product!

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