Friday, November 5, 2010

My First Sell!...sort of

So a couple of days ago I made my first sell! This quirky little guy. I was stoked! I actually thought it would take me several months to even get a bite. I did however try several etsy tips to get better exposure.

1. Don't add everything at once
2. Add only a couple of items a day
3. Add them at around 7pm

The second batch of owls I added got a hit! But there was a problem. I got an email from etsy, but no confirmations from paypal. I had read here that you need to be sure that the person ordering your item actually paid for it.

I wasn't even sure where to check to make sure they had. The only for sure way I could think of was to go straight to my paypal account. Nothing was added, so after several hours, I went ahead and sent a message using both the convo feature on etsy and the buyer's email address, as suggested by this blog.

I politely reminded her, thanked her, and sent her a link to the invoice on etsy.

Today, I still had nothing so I went ahead and made an invoice using paypal. Here's how.

I haven't heard back yet, but I am a little disappointed that this is my first experience with selling. I am glad, however, that there is so much information about how to handle these issues. I assume they are fairly common, and I'm glad I know for next time!

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